$25 per lead. No contracts, no setup fees. You don’t pay until you start receiving work.” 

What sets us apart.

We provide exclusive leads for half the price of our competitors.
We don’t expect payment until we have proven ourselves.
We vet the leads to minimize tire kickers.
We don’t make you sign a contract.

Why hundreds of business owners are choosing Red2Black Media.


Exclusive Leads

Every lead you receive is exclusively yours. We do not sell your leads to anyone else.

High-Quality Lead Generation

We have a system in place that makes it very difficult for tire kickers to get ahold of you.
We pride ourself on our ability to continually bring you high quality clients.

No Risk

Because we dont charge anything up front. There is no risk to you.
If we cant bring you leads, you dont pay.

Have questions?

Dont hesitate to reach out.

You have never worked with a lead agency like us before

Competitor Red2Black
Charge a set up fee. Set everything up for free.
Decide your lead cost based on how profitable they think the job will be for you. Have a flat rate. $25 per lead no matter how big the job is.
Lock you into a contract. Are no strings attached. Quit at anytime with zero penalties.
Sell your leads to multiple business owners. Guarantee the leads are only going to you.
Hold the right to up your lead costs whenever they want. Have a service agreement that promises that will never happen.

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